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The first thing you notice about Lacey & Taylor is their joy. Their joy for life, for laughter, for their friends, their family and for each other. If you look through their engagement photos you will see this, over and over again. The true and utter joy they have shared together since they were kids. The morning of their wedding I reflected a bit on the joy I knew I was about to document.

After only a few minutes of being in Lacey’s home capturing her getting ready with her best friends, I realized how much more this day was going to be. The joy of love, friendship, a gorgeous wedding dress, a beautiful day…these things were very evident. But as I watched the day unfold, I found that the joy we were all feeling was so much bigger than that. The joy of their day was in God, bringing two people together to serve Him, to know Him and to find their joy in Him.

This kind of joy is something that you can’t describe in words, though their handwritten vows came close. This kind of joy can’t be expressed in decorations, though every gorgeous handmade detail came close. This kind of joy is something that truly can only be felt. And I hope these photographs begin to tell even an ounce of that joy and how beautiful it is.

Lacey & Taylor, your day was joy. To your amazing friends, your beautiful family and even to us, who felt so blessed to be able to document a day such as this.

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Lacey’s sweet sweet friends & bridesmaids prayed for her, their marriage, their friendships and the day. I swear I wasn’t crying :) Lacey & her family along with the amazing Cedarwood put together such a gorgeous wedding day. The handmade details were perfection. I think I could devote a whole blog post just to all the amazing details! Their first look was…well I’ll just let you see for yourself :) The florals at Cedarwood never cease to amaze me. Momma :) Taylor & his wonderful dad I think Taylor’s mom loves Lacey :) Girls, you are all stunning. And props have to go to Lacey for finding all of these dresses, all from different stores. LOVE! Lacey & Taylor, you have the best friends on the planet. Literally. Let’s get married! I adore this moment. Yep, you guys are awesome :) Taylor’s brother sang a song he wrote in lieu of a toast. It. Was. Awesome. And they danced the night away :) Congratulations, Taylor & Lacey. We love you guys!

The wonderful people who made this day so great!

VENUE | Cedarwood

CEREMONY DRESS | Alvina Valenta from Arzelle’s


VIDEOGRAPHER | Full Frame Cinema

CATERER | A Dream Come True Catering

CAKE | Patty Cakes


BAND | Craig Duncan Music

And because I wouldn’t let the newlyweds escape before we took our picture together :)

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