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When I met with Amy & Forrest for the first time, I knew they were going to have an amazing wedding. Amy is a graphic designer and she loves details (a girl after my own heart :) and I love couples who appreciate and know the value of having their wedding day documented. But more than that, I knew that Amy & Forrest understood the sacredness of marriage and it was such a special day for them beyond just the well-thought-out details. A true commitment to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. Amy & Forrest were married on June 26th at Second Presbyterian in Nashville with a super fun and TASTY reception at the Loveless Barn. All I have to say is biscuits. YUM. For future brides, Amy would probably tell you to make sure you have someone on hand that knows how to tie a real bow tie. Otherwise it might take your groomsmen an hour to figure it out. At least they had fun doing it :) Um, hello, gorgeous bride! Amy’s birdcage veil and flower were SO much fun to photograph. She looked so timeless and I just love these photos of her.Forrest chose blue and Amy brought in the yellow and it looked fabulous. Amy & Forrest’s getaway car was a vintage purple Checker. And the guys were workin it. I call these two “Awesome Grandpa” and “Anticipation” :) So cute. Amy’s dad helping her touch up her make-up before the ceremony. The bride’s version of “Anticipation” :) Aw, moms, you are so cute :) About to walk down the aisle. Forrest watching Amy walk down the aisle. So precious. Married! A quiet moment before the celebration. If you live near Nashville and haven’t had biscuits from Loveless Cafe, you’re seriously missing out on life. And no wedding story would be complete from me without lots of details. And time to dance! Congratulations & many blessings Amy & Forrest! Thank you to those who made it a wonderful day.

CAKE | The Sweetest Day

BAND | The City Limits Band

FLORIST | Megan McDugald (murmeg_02@yahoo.com)

CATERER | Tom Kats (Loveless Cafe)

RECEPTION VENUE | The Loveless Barn

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