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Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_01We woke up the morning of Delsie & Zack’s wedding, so excited to photograph the wedding of two people we’ve only known for a few months but who already feel like such great friends. Delsie & Zack are so funny, so kind and so full of life, which made them instantly endearing to us, but what I know most about Delsie & Zack is that they intensely love each other. Witnessing their wedding ceremony, I have no doubt that they will spend their lives in each other’s arms and that when someone looks at their bride walking down the aisle the way Zack looked at Delsie, it’s more than just an ordinary love. So I’m honored to share this sneak peek of their sweet day. Oh, and there is more on our Facebook Page!
Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_04Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_07Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_09Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_15Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_20Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_21Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_22Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_23Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_24Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_25Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_29Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

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Kristyn Hogan photographs spirited, fresh, timeless weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.