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Being a wedding photographer means I will live my life never running out of fun stories to tell. This was definitely a wedding I will never forget! Nashville had been having a lot of rain that day and when I showed up they had decided to move Sarah & Chris’s outdoor ceremony to a little country chapel down the road because of the possibility of more rain. Well, the rain held off and it was actually a gorgeous afternoon. We got to take photos around Sarah’s family farm and the weather was beautiful. Fast forward to the reception held outside on the family farm under a gorgeous tent. The weather was looking like it would hold out as we walked around capturing details of the reception. Sarah & Chris were making their grand entrance and literally, just as they walked into the tent it began to downpour. I’m not talking a normal really heavy rain but one where the wind was whipping rain into the tent and it felt like a hurricane in the middle of Gallatin, Tennessee. After about an hour of consistent monsoon the tent was pretty much flooded. I know you’re thinking, what a disaster! I was sort of wondering if it would be but Sarah & Chris and all their friends and family took it in stride, cheered at the thunder and had a complete ball the whole night! Everyone hiked up their skirts and pants, put on some boots and partied like no one was watching! What an amazing day. I definitely lost a pair of shoes and pants to the blessed mud event but came away with such amazing memories! I shot this wedding with the wonderful Andrea Hallgren Photography.

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