The True Test of a Marriage, Super Bowl XLV.

When Matt & I got married, we wrote our own vows. I wanted my vows to be personal to our relationship and what I was promising to do as his wife. Of course I promised to love and respect him, to be his biggest fan, general good wife promises. Then I continued with a promise regarding a situation I knew would come up every year, multiple times, between August and January. I promised that when the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were both playing on Sundays at the same time, I’d let him watch the Steelers game during the Packers commercials. A generous offer, in my opinion. What neither of us saw coming, on that beautiful day, as we promised vows to one another, is that they would eventually play each other in the biggest game of all, the Super Bowl. We joked, “wouldn’t it be funny”, knowing that the chances were ridiculously slim that both our teams would end up there in the same year. And then it happened. Only 4 years into our marriage and we weren’t prepared for this kind of trial. My vows only reached so far as to letting him watch his game during my game’s commercials. There were no vows for this kind of situation.

Let’s just say, you might not want to bring up Super Bowl XLV in front of my husband next time you see him. Happily, 3 days later, our marriage has survived. And hey, a happy wife makes a happy life, right? :)

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