The Hogan household is broken up into 3 seasons.

The first, and most coveted season is NFL season. This very important season of life begins in August with pre-season and winds down in February with the Super Bowl. Regardless of how our respective teams are doing (see diagram A & B below) we are watching every game on Sundays. This is a non-negotiable part of our lives. My husband is really lucky that he has me for a wife and I’m not afraid to remind him of his good fortune.

Diagram A. Our teams and the verdict on whose is clearly better.

Diagram B. Our team leaders, the quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers & Ben Roethlisberger.

The second season in the Hogan household is dubbed Off-Season. The middle of June through the middle of August. 2 months when we aren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves.

The third season is what I am living in right now. It’s called Pittsburgh Penguins trying to win the Stanley Cup Season. This season begins in April and does not end until June. And when I say does not end, I mean there is a game on almost every night. And if you try to ask Matt to DVR a game you better have a really good reason for him not watching it live. Like, a REALLY good reason. If you don’t understand the true depth of this season, here is another diagram for you.

Clockwise from left: Yes, that is a fake Stanley Cup that my husband HAND-MADE. It has a coveted spot in our living room and is meant to be regarded with the utmost respect. It took him a day to “borrow” a water cooler and various pieces of tupperware to wrap in tin foil for this relic. And he fully intends on hoisting it above his head and running around the neighborhood when they win it again this year.

Next is THE blog. The Pens Blog. Sigh. If you ask him right now, I bet he wouldn’t deny being on this thing 4 or 5 times a day. Apparently the writers of this blog are beyond hilarious to my husband and sometimes I’ll be working and hear him dying of laughter. I don’t even ask what’s so funny, it’s some dumb joke on the Pens blog. So thanks, Adam, Derek, Rick, Raybin and Charlie, for taking away any chance I had of getting quality time with my husband between February and June.

And finally, it’s the husband’s new profile picture on Facebook. I will have you all know that Matt had the SAME profile picture (of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes) on Facebook for years. YEARS. I asked him why he never changed it. He said he would only change it if it was for a life changing event. We got married. No change. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. Immediately. CHANGE. Then comes Stanley Cup season and lo and behold, a 2nd life changing event necessitating change. Mmhmm. He’s lucky I talked about the Green Bay Packers in my wedding vows or I might actually take that personally :)


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