We went on a trip across the Atlantic Ocean and it blew my mind. I’ve been to Europe before. That trip was fantastic. This trip was fantastic. And then we got to Switzerland. It was the last week of our three week adventure and I have to say, when I got off the train in Wengen, Switzerland, I cried. It was as close to what I imagine heaven being on earth. It was quiet and beautiful and completely surreal. We sat on the porch of our chalet looking at the view (above photo). No cars. No buzz and whir of modern civilization. Just cow bells, birds, breeze and the quiet hum of a waterfall across the valley. We have lots of other awesome places to show later but it’s my blog and I can show the trip backwards if I want :) All these photos & video were taken with my amazing lil toy camera. I can’t really explain in words what Wengen, Switzerland means to me. But after the quiet amazement settled in, we kind of felt like this…Is this place real?Matt’s parents, Sharon & Jim (affectionately known as JimBob) traveled with us to Switzerland. We were all pretty much in awe of this place.We traveled through the clouds on a gondola to absolutely breathtaking views of the entire Swiss Alps on top of the Schilthorn where one of the old James Bond movies was filmed. And then we had a snack at the revolving restaurant. It slowly revolves to give you a 360 degree view of the Alps. Geez. Sigh. I can’t say much more. We were doing a hike through the Lauterbrunnen Valley when Matt saw this sign. He took German in high school and told me it said the house was selling Alp Cheese. Good ole moldy Alp cow cheese. Apparently a big deal and very unique to this area. So we hiked up to their house (which by the way had a giant waterfall in the backyard from the cliff behind them, um, what?) and in his best German, ordered some tasty AlpKase. He was pretty happy, can you tell? A video on our hike of the cows being taken in from the pasture!

My favorite picture of JimBob riding the alpine train. Actually my favorite picture of him ever.A video of Matt & I playing “ice hockey” on top of the Alps :)

See that little speck walking to the edge of that cliff. That’s my crazy husband. And my friend I made in Gimmelwald. We had a nice conversation :) The view from our balcony :)

Not sure a sunset is allowed to be this beautiful but it was. Really, every one should experience this place at least once in their lifetime.

More of Switzerland, Germany, Prague and our 5 minutes in Luxembourg to come! :)

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