Revisiting The Detox

I had to revisit this topic because I keep getting people coming up to talk to me about it. I love that people are interested. What I find interesting is how our culture has made the idea of truly eating REAL food such an oddity. While most people have told me about how intriguing it all sounds, the consensus is basically “How do you choke that stuff down?”

So I have somewhat of a morning ritual. I make a blender full of my smoothie which I will call my smoothie because I made the recipe up and I don’t take any small amount of accomplishment in the kitchen for granted. I make this smoothie every morning; drink half of it for breakfast and put the rest in the freezer in the blender. Then around lunch time I take it out of the freezer to thaw a bit and by about 2:00 I blend the rest again for a few seconds and have my tasty afternoon snack!

My challenge is for you skeptics out there to try it. I’ve been out and about these last couple weeks drinking my smoothie on the go and, because it’s bright green, people have been giving me this “You have fun with that” look. I’m not sure any one quite believes that my sweet lil green smoothie actually is not torture.

TRY IT, PLEASE! And then someone get on here and comment to tell every one you didn’t die :)

My lean green smoothie recipe!

Put these ingredients in, in this order & make them organic if you can. When you get half of the ingredients in, blend it up & then add the rest in to blend.

1 cup plain yogurt (protein & probiotics galore!)

1/4 – 1/2 cup water & a few ice cubes

pack the blender half full with fresh spinach (don’t go wimpy on the spinach!)

2 stalks of celery (leaves & all, just rip it up & put it in there!)

1 orange (cut up)

1 apple (cut up)

optional ingredients to add for extra nutrients…

bee pollen, hemp seed, flax seed, wheatgrass, squeeze of lemon & lime


Doesn’t she look tasty!

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