We are so unbelievably excited to finally find the time to get back to Europe again! Matt & I went to Paris, Rome & London in 2006 and today we’re heading to Germany, Czech Republic & Switzerland! There are few things in life Matt & I are more passionate about than travel. Any excuse we have to see the world, we’re there. So as I was gathering all our information for this trip I thought I would share a little overview with you! And in the process I drew this little map of Matt flying us to Europe on our little vacation :) Oh, and follow along on the blog and watch us traipse around Europe!

First off we’re heading to the Rothenberg area of Germany to stay with friends who live there! We plan to roam the little towns, check out the local brew and just enjoy these little charming places. I just talked to them a couple days ago and they said it was in the 50s and 60s (SO excited about that coming from Tennessee’s 5 million degrees) and they suggested one of our first activities might be sitting in front of the fireplace with a brew. IN GERMANY. OH. MY. YES. PLEASE.
Then our friends are going to show us around Prague! Matt is most excited about seeing Prague out of the whole trip and I have heard it’s an amazing place. Since they’re showing us around I haven’t done any research on this part of the trip so we’re just winging it! Then we’ll head to the Mosel Valley (Germany’s wine country) for some R&R. And maybe some wine :) We’re staying in Zell, a little town on the Mosel River and I think it’s going to be fabulous. I love all the vineyards on the sides of the hill. And we’re even going to the little town of Trier, an ancient Roman capital on the border of Germany and Luxembourg. And on to the Rhine river! We’ll be staying in St. Goar, taking a cruise down the Rhine River and enjoying this scenery every day. I feel relaxed just thinking about it. After relaxing in Germany we’re heading to Switzerland and I have to say, I’m kind of flipping out about how excited I am to go here. We are staying in Wengen, a tiny village in the Alps. There are no cars allowed. I have my hiking shoes broken in. I am about to pee my pants in excitement. And finally we’ll end our amazing journey on Lake Geneva before flying back home! This is seriously a lake? Wow.A little housekeeping note, we will be out of the office August 30th-September 20th and I may be a little slow to answer email while we are gone as I have no idea what the internet connection is going to be like in these little towns. I will do my best to check email every few days and reply to anything urgent. I won’t have my phone so if you need to reach me, email is the way. Thank you so much for being patient with me while I recharge my batteries :)

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