Our European Adventure (part II) ◦ Bad Windsheim, Germany

Matt’s best friend from high school, Josh, has been serving our country and when he and his wife, Allie, got their orders to move to Germany we knew immediately that we’d have to go visit them! Josh has been in Iraq for the last year and when we found out he’d be coming home soon we immediately made plans to fly over to Germany. The entire three week trip was planned pretty quickly but we had such a great time. I’ve already posted a bit on our amazing experience in Switzerland but I figured I’d go in order of the actual trip now. Our first stop was Bad Windsheim, Germany where Josh and Allie live. It’s the most adorable, picturesque old German town and we absolutely loved everything about it.

(All photos taken with my point & shoot camera)

We flew from Atlanta to Toronto and finally on to Frankfurt where Josh & Allie picked us up. They immediately took us to an authentic German fest in their little town. To give you an idea of what it was like just think of beer. And more beer. With a little bit of bratwurst, fish and music thrown in for good measure. We had a blast!

And yes, that beer is bigger than my face :)

The photo below on the left is Josh & Allie’s house, one of the oldest in town. We went on lots of walks amongst these buildings with Josh & Allie’s adorable pup, Luna! I’m still not sure if she can see much of Germany with her hair in her eyes but she seems to love it! As did we!

When we left the United States it was in the 100’s. Of DEGREES. So when we arrived in Europe and found it to be in the 50’s and 60’s we were so excited to be able to sit by the fire every night. And we loved it. Although I will say when you spend the summer living in Tennessee where it rarely gets below 95 degrees you kind of forget what cold feels like and can’t really ever imagine wearing more than a long sleeve shirt. We definitely didn’t pack enough warm clothes but thank God for layers :)

The boys carrying wood to make a cozy fire
More of our European Adventure to come! Including lots of gorgeous places in Germany, Prague and of course, more of Switzerland :)

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