My Grandmother.

I grew up with an English professor for a grandmother. My grandfather and her are what I like to call “cultured” which means for fun you watch PBS documentaries, visit museums in your free time and above all, you read. Growing up, I will exaggerate only a bit and say that I was taken to every play, museum and educational activity in existence, I was probably read every children’s book in existence too. As a kid I’m not sure you quite grasp what this is doing to you. Well, today, I grasp what it has done to me as I sit here at my computer editing photographs, listening to classical music, drinking tea and thinking about how much I can’t wait to curl up and finish this amazing 700 page historical biography I’m reading. Thanks, grandma :)

By the way, has anyone seen the HBO John Adams series? I’ve heard it’s amazing and plan on watching it after I finish the book if every one says it’s worth it. The book is amazing by the way.

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