Happy Birthday to My Very Best Friend

To My Husband, on this day that we celebrate your birth,

One of the things I love most about our life’s work is a moment that I get to have at every single wedding. As we photograph our couples saying their marriage vows, I always look over at you, as you so wonderfully document the start of a new family, and in my heart I say “I choose you” all over again. No matter what has happened that day or that week or that month, I look over at you in that moment and know I made the best decision in the world to marry you. That God has blessed me beyond measure.

After 14 years of love, 5 years of marriage, thousands of disagreements and many thousands more kisses, I still choose you. After a week full of being too busy, too impatient, burning something on the stove for the hundredth time and still smiling every single time I hear you laugh, I choose you.

So even though you officially married me once, I have chosen to marry you in my heart at least 125 times :)

I’m so happy you were born!

Your wife

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