A Spirited, Fresh, Timeless Life ◦ many chickens

Matt & I are on a journey to living a Spirited, Fresh, Timeless Life. I talked about how it began last week. And a bit about our journey to eating real food a few days ago. Well, the detox has turned into quite a bit more…

It started as a childhood fascination. I grew up close to many Amish communities. Out on a drive in the country, we’d pass a buggy and I would be mesmerized. A book or movie having to do with the 18th century and I was captivated. It’s always been a bit of a running joke that I actually wish I was Amish. Or Jane Austen’s best friend. But with modern plumbing, a camera and internet access!


I grew up on a farm with no real desire to make farming a part of my life whatsoever. I moved to the city with my brand new husband and was content and perfectly happy to be a city girl. And after a few years of living in the city we started talking about buying a house. Buying a house turned into building a house. Building a house turned into building an energy efficient house. Building an energy efficient house turned into buying land in the country to build that house. Buying land in the country turned into realizing a dream that I think has always been in my heart. One of those dreams I never even realized I had until it smacked me right in the face. Buying land in the country to build this home turned into creating a little sustainable organic homestead used for all sorts of wonderful things God is and has yet to reveal to us. And that’s where the whole dot, dot, dot comes in.

We have no land and no house. We have plans and dreams and lots & lots of time spent pursuing land around Nashville. Oh, if only I were born with more patience.

One of those times where you know God is leading you into something beautiful but all the lights are turned off and you’re feeling around for walls and shuffling your feet to keep yourself from falling flat on your face.

That’s what this journey has been so far.

One day Matt came home and said he had met a man whose family had a farm where they had chickens and gardens and…sigh. The man told Matt that even before they had their farm they had it as a vision and that more than just buying land, building a house and moving in, one of the most important steps for them was preparation. Preparing their lives, their hearts, their actions and their resources for accomplishing their goal. So they started saving egg cartons, for that far off time when they would need them to store eggs from the chickens…they hoped to have.

So Matt & I have started saving egg cartons. And reading books on gardening. We have started being more intentional with our time, working on being positive in our home, striving to have a servant’s heart. We have started asking God for wisdom in big things and small things. Remembering that God will not give us great big things until we are faithful with great small things.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ -Matthew 25:23

So I’m asking God to help me be faithful with a few things, because oh, how I long to be in charge of many, many…chickens!

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