LOST Finale Party

Our Tuesday night LOST group had an epic finale party last Sunday. If you didn’t watch LOST, first, you don’t know what you’re missing, second, this post will be meaningless to you except to show that we are geeks. If you did watch LOST, you understand. Our good friends, Kelsey & Jon (of FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings) hosted the party and went all out in costume with Kelsey wearing her Halloween pumpkin suit under her clothes to be Hurley and Jon actually breaking his leg in real life so he could be convincing in that wheel chair as Locke :)

Matt was pretty eerily similar to Faraday (top left) & he really enjoyed making my “baby” so I could be scary Claire (2nd row, right). In case you want to know how to make your own “Matt’s version of scary Claire baby”, go to Goodwill, buy a crappy doll, cut it’s hands & feet off, stuff with grass, poke eyes out and cover with giant scuba goggles. Mission complete. My husband has quite the creative touch.

The party was a blast. The finale was amazing. Now the show is over. What are we supposed to do with our lives? Suggestions?

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