We finally got a chance to try out one of our Christmas gifts, a juicer! For those new to the scene, my husband & I have been following the Body for Life lifestyle for a couple years now; working out 6 days a week, eating 5-6 small really healthy balanced meals a day and then Sunday is our day off to eat whatever & relax. So I’ll have to say that being raised in Iowa I was taught to like the basic vegetables, corn on the cob & green bean casserole. Those are vegetables, right? Okay, ya, so one of the things I have had to adjust to most is eating more vegetables. So in comes the Christmas gift, a juicer! This thing makes intaking celery possible because as a kid whenever we had Ants on a Log for snack I always picked off the raisins, licked the peanut butter off and threw away the celery. The recipe we tried tonight was 2 small apples, 3 full carrots (wash them but don’t peel) & 1 stalk of celery. It was surprisingly good and sure beat feeling like a cow chewing on grass to get my vegetables :)

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