Home Sweet Home

I spent much of my childhood on a farm in Iowa. I loved having space to roam and explore as a kid and I always look back on those times with fond memories but as I grew up I imagined myself as more of a “city girl.” So when we moved to Nashville I was excited to become just that. What I didn’t expect to love was that Nashville has given us a perfect mix of city life with a small town feel…gorgeous rolling hills, lush landscapes and peaceful open spaces. Over the last year we started to feel this small little dream growing…to build a home on acres of this gorgeous land. To have space to grow our own organic garden, space to have some chickens, space to enjoy a nice fire outside with friends, space to breathe and enjoy the quiet life, space to invite people to enjoy that life with us.

If you follow me on Pinterest and you’ve seen anything that has to do with linen, reclaimed wood, farm sinks or chickens…it was probably me, dreaming up our little home. This little dream that has turned into such a big dream….

Get a little glimpse from this Pinterest board I’ve been spending way too much time on. Right now we are on that part of the journey one might “affectionately” call…searching for land. So far it has felt like searching for a needle in a haystack but I am so excited to be sharing this crazy adventure we are on. Building a home where we can grow (ourselves…and vegetables!), breathe in lots of fresh Tennessee air and welcome lots of friends & family to do the same!


Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

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Kristyn Hogan photographs spirited, fresh, timeless weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.