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Let me start off this post with saying, I know I do not know it all. I share my life and what has changed it for the better in hopes that it might help just one other person. I share my life and what is still changing and what I am trying to accomplish for the same reason.

I specifically share my experience with things like the subject of real food because I know the person I used to be, the perceptions I had and the struggles I dealt with from lack of knowledge. I share because these things have changed my life. And because people ask.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. -Hosea 4:6

My perception about food was that “healthy foods” (i.e. low fat, low calorie, tasteless food) made you “healthy” (i.e. skinny) and “junkfood” (i.e. the food the majority of America eats) made you “unhealthy” (i.e. fat). My perception about food was that, while I did not want to be fat, I also wasn’t that big of a fan of low fat, low calorie tasteless food, if the only result I would get from it was to be skinnier. It just wasn’t very good motivation for me. My perception about food was that other than my weight, food didn’t have much to do with my actual health or quality of life.

Then this happened. We started learning how much food really does affect our entire lives. That when I eat foods that have been sprayed with chemicals and fed hormones, my body is getting those chemicals and hormones and it doesn’t like them very much. And when I eat “foods” that aren’t even actually food, all of those synthetic additives, chemicals and preservatives set my body up for sickness and disease.
When it came down to it, if you asked me a few years ago if I’d rather have a soda & donut for breakfast or live a long, healthy and fulfilling life, of course I would have told you that I’d take life over donuts. What it took me a little longer to learn (and am still learning) is that what I do with my life and my body affect my quality of life. So if I want a long, healthy and fulfilling life, I have to make intentional choices to do my very best to get there.
For us that has meant completely changing what we allow into our bodies. If it’s been sprayed with chemicals, fed hormones, antibiotics and well, you get the idea…then we’ve had to make a conscious effort to get rid of it. And sadly for America, that means almost our entire grocery store. And nearly every restaurant. But happily it means eating things grown & raised right here in Tennessee, simplifying our lives, getting rid of chronic migraines, canceling surgeries, enjoying food the way God made it and not yawning our way through the day! Completely worth it.
So, for those of you who have asked, what does our refrigerator & pantry look like?
If you’re considering trying out organic eating on a budget, check out the “clean 15” & the “dirty dozen”
*GRASS FED, ORGANIC MEAT (chicken, beef, turkey & wild caught fish…but no pork or shellfish)
*RAW DAIRY (raw milk, cheese & kefir)
*NUTS, SEEDS & BEANS (cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, hummus, yum!)
*GLUTEN FREE CARBS (Quinoa, brown rice, sprouted grains)
*OILS (Coconut, Olive & Grapeseed)
*SWEETENERS (Honey, stevia, maple syrup)
I’m planning to expand on some of these topics in the coming weeks and share some of our favorite recipes so I would love to hear from you…what would you like to know more about? Questions? Please share in the comments section below!
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