Cultural Christianity & Mullets

Happy Monday! I will refrain from posting about the immenseness that was the LOST finale in our house until I get all those crazy photos together and instead, for our Monday morning we have this…Every once in a while I do some design/art work for my church. These posters were from last year but I never got the chance to share them here and knew they needed to be displayed for the world to see. These were giant 4 foot posters announcing a new sermon series at church about being a cultural Christian (i.e. doing things to make yourself look like a Christian while not actually authentically seeking Christ). I thought through the concept of what our culture does to appear “Christian” and used the husband as the poster child for Cultural Christianity.

Here he is as Santa Clause in the manger scene giving gifts to baby Jesus (the police may or may not have been called on us during the making of this poster)…And Southern man with his bumper stickers proclaiming every allegiance under the sun. And of course, sweatin it with Jesus…and pimpin it with 24 carat Godliness. I particularly enjoyed finding as many uses for the mullet as possible :) Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, photographs the stories of beautiful people in Nashville, Iowa and around the world.

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