Our blog post today comes to you from the other half of the Hogan family, my photographer/pilot/husband extraordinaire, Matt. If you haven’t already started to get an idea of who he is from posts like this and this, today’s post will continue to paint a picture for you of the dear sweet love of my life…and what he insisted must grace the blog today :)

So I got a package in the mail today, and in it was a small postcard with an amazing offer…truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a timeless artistic masterpiece.  Breathtaking.  Hand-crafted.  Exquisite.  Native-American Inspired.  And, apparently, worth paying off in 3 installments.  Feast your eyes on this exceptional maiden/dancing musical box thingy…

The “Summoning the Spirit of the Wolf” Musical Dancer sculpture, offered by The Bradford Exchange, is a must buy.  Heck, I’ll go so far as to say it’s impossible NOT to buy it.  Just look at it!  I’m probably insulting it just by attempting to describe it, as the flier doesn’t do it justice.  Probably due to the fact that it’s pictured smaller than its actual size of 10 towering inches.  I can only imagine how “this lovely maiden seemingly comes alive as she turns in time” to the “stirring melody of ‘Beautiful Dreamer.'”  Because that’s just what my house was missing…the aura of a dancing maiden summoning a wolf spirit.  I don’t even want to know what the wolf spirit does once it arrives.

Now, I know what your asking.  Is Al Agnew’s dramatic wolf artwork depicted on the BACK side of the princess’s shawl as well?  You bet your sweet great grandmother’s grave it is.  It’s Al Agnew people.  Seriously.  And with the ability to purchase this with a credit card, you have the flexibility of making the minimum payment for only 7 months.  Eat that Dave Ramsey!  Oh, and remember, make sure you LIMIT YOURSELF TO ONE PER ORDER.

(Also, bonus points for whoever can insert the best “that’s what she said” joke into this text).

Matt is the husband of, Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, who photographs the stories of beautiful people in Nashville, Iowa and around the world. He photographs those beautiful people with her sometimes too.

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