Are we going to Prague today? Yes we are!! ◦ EUROPE

(Credit: Google Images, No downloading cards of my own photos while I’m relaxing!)

We’re in Prague today and I am so excited! On the agenda is Prazský Hrad (Prague Castle) dating back to the year 870 (whoa!), some Plzenský Prazdroj (Prague’s famous local beer), walking along the St. Charles bridge (where we’re staying!) and just breathing. I’m so excited about Prague not only because every person that I talk to that’s been there says it’s amazing but because Prague is such an old city. I love history and authenticity and taking a step back into what has been.

When I was young I thrived on poetry and art history and becoming a part of something deep, rich and real. I saw things vividly and I was passionate. I was madly in love. With the boy that is now my husband. I was madly in love with art and theological and philosophical thought. I was just madly in love with life.

Some days I remember that I am still that person. That I am passionate and completely full of life. (And even more madly in love with that boy and life). And then some days I am overwhelmed by completing tasks and crossing off to-do lists and being what I’m expected to be.

This trip is about slowing down. Rediscovering why I’m doing what I’m doing. Being a better person for those I love. A better photographer for my brides. The me that I am called to be by my God who is molding me every day. And who I ignore too often.

And I believe Prague will be part of that journey.

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