DETOX DAY 7 ◦ Some Favorite Recipes

We made it! 7 days of no meat, no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no processed sugars, no caffeine. Lesson? It really wasn’t that hard! The first couple days I was kicking myself because it was an adjustment but most of it was just figuring out what we were eating and how to prepare it best. After a few days of experimentation it was pretty easy- make a bunch of smoothies, make a bunch of salads, snack on some almonds, drink a lot of water. It was pretty simple. What I was most excited about during the last half was how great I felt when I kept on top of my hunger. If I allowed myself to get hungry then I started dreaming about nice big meals but if I kept up with eating something small every couple hours I just felt refreshed and pretty great and was surprised at how little I felt hungry or had cravings. So I’ll call this week a definite success!

If you’re thinking about doing something similar to this, I would HIGHLY recommend it! As we’re reintroducing foods today we’re already finding how little taste some things have that we always ate. Had some milk this morning that tasted like water. Once you start getting used to eating natural whole foods you realize how much flavor they have and how great they make you feel.

We did cook a couple things throughout the week like some black beans to put on our salads. From what I’ve read, we (humans) cook our food way too much. When food gets to a certain temperature pretty much all the nutrients die and we end up eating hollow calories. That being said, I love my cooked food. What this week has taught me is that you can have balance.

The moral of the story? I think God is a lot better at giving us food than a processing machine and as much as I’ve known that my whole life, having this experience has made it true for my life.


My two favorite recipes from the week…

Kristyn’s Kale Smoothie :)

Handful of Kale

2 stalks of Celery

1 Apple

1 Orange

1/2 Lime (squeeze the juices in)

1/2 Lemon (squeeze the juices in)

2 servings of frozen Wheatgrass Juice (if you don’t want to go buy this it’s not necessary for the recipe, just really good for you!)

Sprinkling of Flax Seed

Decent dabble of Honey (clearly I don’t use measuring utensils :)

5-10 oz. filtered water (this is flexible based on how thick you want your smoothie)

Blend it up well and enjoy! Makes 2 servings of goodness!


Quinoa Vegetable Stir Fry

Prepare the Quinoa according to directions

Lightly stir fry whatever vegetables you want in a pan with organic olive oil- we used carrots, celery, red peppers & onions (I like the vegetables to still be pretty crispy so I don’t cook them too long)

Add in some garlic, cayenne pepper, sea salt & oregano. I also used an Italian seasoning grinder over the top (YUM!)

Throw the cooked Quinoa in the pan and stir fry it together

Now that we’re introducing meat back in, we’ll probably throw some grilled chicken in with this recipe.

This stuff is way moister than rice, gluten free and TASTY!


A few resources we used-

Dr. Axe (actually a Nashville local who has a pretty awesome site about this stuff and even does local classes)

Whole Living (the magazine my sister-in-law found by Martha Stewart that started this all :)

The Best of Raw Food

Alkaline Food Chart (Acidic environments are breeding grounds for diseases like cancer & a lot of what we eat contributes to the acidity of our body)


I’ve had a lot of people ask about it so next up, Body for Life.

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