Nashville Lifestyle Photography ◦ RAINES, BENJAMIN & THOMAS

This is my 4th time to the Young household. The first time was to photograph little baby Thomas with his big blue eyes. He had just learned to sit up and was so adorable. When he learned to walk I was back again. When he had a baby brother, Benjamin, I was there again. And then a few weeks ago I got an e-mail that they had welcomed another little boy! This session was all about Raines. He is such an adorable, content baby. Living in a house with two rambunctious brothers, he is so calm and fits in just perfectly. I thought this one was funny. You can definitely tell they are brothers :) Who doesn’t love baby fat? :) I have such respect for Dodie. She has 3 little boys and handles it with such grace. I love his fuzzy blonde hair! Mom loves her boys :) Nashville wedding & lifestyle photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the beauty, the life and the story of weddings and people in Nashville, Iowa and destinations worldwide.

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