Nashville Engagement Session ◦ JENNIFER & ARMAND

JENNIFER + ARMAND from Kristyn Hogan on Vimeo.

Push play to begin loading and then immediately push pause to allow the whole video to load. Patience is a virtue :) Make sure to watch it in pretty HD by turning HD on (which will redirect you to the proper link) or by clicking here!

Ask me how awesome I think Jen & Armand are, and I will tell you, they are A LOT awesome! We had SO much fun wandering around this little town outside of Nashville, laughing and talking about life. It was immediately apparent to me how much they love each other. No question. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the chance to get to know people like Jen & Armand, and to tell their story is such an honor to me. I can’t wait for their wedding this fall at The Country Music Hall of Fame! They have so many amazing Nashville wedding vendors working together to bring their vision to life and I know it’s going to be nothing short of fabulous! And if you are a lover of music, you must check out Armand’s award-winning vocal play group, Naturally 7. Right now they are on a world tour with Michael Buble and their skills seriously give me goose bumps! It’s no lie, when I met Armand & Jen for the first time and he told me what he did I immediately got onto YouTube (yes, right then and there!) and watched this video and could not believe they were doing all of that without a single instrument besides their voices! Jen joked that Armand was the clarinet but if you hear him talk in person, you immediately know he is THE bass. Here’s some proof in a tribute to Michael Jackson :) Helllooooo, beautiful! I cannot wait to see you in your wedding dress! Yep, they’re too cute for words. I asked Jen & Armand to bring a few things that described their relationship so they brought their MacBooks. Since Armand is on the road so much, the computer has become a big part of their relationship and communication. They even turned them on for us and started rockin out the iTunes :) Coming soon! This old movie theater was so cool. And to end the day, Oh, look, it’s a photographer and a behind the scenes shot :) Note, if anyone wants to make me really happy, buy me kelly green stuff. You can’t go wrong :) Nashville Wedding Photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the stories of amazing people in Nashville, Iowa and worldwide.

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