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I say this often but I truly mean it. Nashville is full of AMAZING people in the wedding industry! The Bake Shoppe is no exception! Recently they did a collection of cakes based off couture wedding gowns and they were so stunning! They asked me to stop by and take some photos of their gorgeous work and I was more than happy to spend some time with these beauties! The Bake Shoppe recently featured the photos on their blog here and Ashley & Cassandra from Ashley’s Bride Guide blogged about the intricate process these cakes went through in a 2 part blog series found here and here! I asked the lovely Kelly Bryson to answer a few questions for us about The Bake Shoppe. Here are is what she had to say!

Why did you start The Bake Shoppe?

I worked as a critical care nurse for many years – wanted to start my own business and a friend who was self employed suggested that I do what I love – which was cook and bake.  So The Bake Shoppe was born – we made desserts only – then progressed into decorated cakes. I have made cakes since I was a child – loved making sugar stuff pretty. Then I began making birthday cakes. A friend introduced me to someone who was starting their own business – a wedding chapel – they needed wedding cakes!

How would you describe the style of your cakes?

Traditional with a modern twist.

If you could bake a cake for anyone, who would it be?

While I have had many wonderful brides and made some wonderful cakes– the cakes that have brought the most joy are the cakes for children – such as the cake that we created recently for the local Ronald McDonald House for those children. It would be great to do something on a national level – to benefit children.

I wonder if Mother Teresa ever had a birthday cake – that would have been cool – to make a cake for her ( and all the little children she helped) one BIG birthday party.

Now that I have a daughter ( who is 2 years old) I have so much fun planning cakes for her!

If you could contribute anything to a wedding day emergency kit, what would it be?

Our emergency kit is pretty big for cake deliveries – if we were adding something into a kit for the bride – floral and duct tape is very useful for a large number of wedding emergencies!

What is your favorite vacation spot?

The beach – rest and relaxation!

In the next 10 years what would you like to accomplish?

Raising my daughter to the best of my abilities and help our team members grow in their positions.

What is your favorite wedding tradition?

I think the trend of the sand ceremony is so cool – the blending of the families and all that the sand represents.

What is your favorite non-traditional wedding element?

Letting the bride and groom eat their wedding meal!

What is one thing every bride should know?

The day flies by – to stop and really see what is happening and solidify the memories!

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