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Amy Lynn is one of those women that you just can’t help but love. She’s sweet, funny and super talented! When it comes to a wedding day, bridal session or engagement session, she really is a photographer’s best friend. She simply makes brides look fabulous! So when she asked me to shoot a few headshots of her I was so excited and thought I’d ask her a few questions for brides to share along with the photos we took! Make sure to check out her website for examples of her amazing work!
How did you begin your career as a make-up artist?
When I was about 4, my mom would dress me up in blue eyeshadow, hot pink lips, and my bangs were about 8 inches high. Thus, my love affair with beauty was born. I began my official makeup career in sales. Realizing I was a terrible sales person, I struggled to find a place where I could enjoy makeup, but not be required to sell it. I started doing special events and weddings, then graduated to photo shoots. And it has just continued to grow.
What’s your favorite part about being a make-up artist?
Being a makeup artist isn’t a real job. Makeup is a discovery. It’s just fun, hang out, girly time mostly. It’s being around your girlfriends, eating chocolate, and falling in love with that vibrant purple eyeshadow that you would have never picked out for yourself.  It’s learning that you really can pull off that deep berry stain. It’s figuring out how to make your eyes bigger and more open. It’s hearing him say, “Wow… you look… great.” It’s the whole discovery process that really hooks me.
What is the experience you give to your brides?
I want a bride’s time with me to be an experience, not just a task to check off the list. Our initial meeting involves your consultation/trial run where we discuss aspects of the wedding day in addition to the normal skin care & makeup routine. A customized look is created for each bride that encompasses all these details. On the wedding day, my brides begin with a de-stress treatment and any necessary skin care. Makeup application is very precise and totally unique to each girl.

Why is having professional make-up & hair on your wedding day so important?
When you are 60 years old, you’ll have pictures and a husband left from your wedding day. THAT’S IT. So you want to be able to look at those pictures and say, “Wow. I looked and felt amazing”. Not, “Ugh, it was so hot and I look so sweaty. I cried my mascara off. Why are my lips so pale?” Professional makeup means professional products. They are going to last through your whole event and look terrific on camera. Your normal “going to work” makeup is not the same as your “I’m going to have pictures take of me for the next 8 hours” makeup.
What’s one piece of advice you’d give to brides?
It’s just not that serious. Tends to be my life advice. All the fussing for two weeks over which shade of yellow to make the swirly thing on the programs is not going to matter when you are standing at the alter with your groom. Don’t lose sight of the reason you are planning this event… marriage.
What was your favorite part of your own wedding day?
When I got down the aisle to Mark, there was no one else in the world. And for those minutes when we were standing there, I have never felt such peace. There was a breeze and the sky was clear and it was so serene. I imagine it’s the closest to heaven I’ll ever be in this life.
Where is your favorite place on earth?
I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the world to answer this confidently. I love quiet, clean, natural places. Golden Ears Park, British Columbia is a great example.
What is one goal you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years?
In the next 10 years, I’d like to have a successful cosmetic line.

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