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Travels & Mayan Coconuts

My life is not what I planned or pictured. It is so much better. When I decided I wanted to be a photographer in junior high I never imagined the places it would take me, the people it would bring into my life or how blessed I would be with the life God prepared for me.

So today’s blog is another installment in the travels of me from my point & shoot camera. Last November Matt & I flew to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico to document Sandra & Antonio’s destination wedding. We decided on this trip we would add a few personal days at the end to relax. Little did we know when we arrived that we would be relaxing amongst a hurricane. Needless to say, the weather wasn’t exactly what we had planned but the last couple days we enjoyed some sunshine and got to do one of the things we love best, exploring. And drinking coconut milk straight from the tree.

Matt was in heaven. His idea of a perfect day is spending it on a deserted island where he has to hunt for food, explore the unknown and be one with his surroundings in quiet solitude. The jungle we stayed in provided him with a little taste of his dream and he spent hours gathering coconuts, hitting them against rocks and enjoying the fruits of his labor :) This photo is one that I would usually throw away, but something about it speaks to me of the realness of that day. The heat & humidity was fogging up my little camera, we were enjoying each other with no one else around and the blurry warmth of the photo is what that day feels like in my memory. The bottom right photo is actually an ocean pool. A cement pool built into the ocean. The waves bring water, fish & sand in and it’s divine. And I still cannot figure out how they built it. Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, photographs the stories of beautiful people in Nashville, Iowa and around the world.

kristyn - It was quite spectacular! If you decide to go to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico let me know & I’ll give you all the best places to go! And I’ll only take you with me if you make me more baked goods :)

Tabitha - Man.. I have vacation envy. That place looks like heaven, I must know where it is. Fresh coconut water is delicious, and the best thing you can do for your body in the heat – your hubby rocks.

Take me with you next time? ;)

Wendy Cunningham - I just love your work! And I feel the exact same about my life as a photog.

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