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A Spirited, Fresh, Timeless Life ◦ TOGETHER

Today, Matt & I are doing something that we are called to do together – photographing a wedding. We are a team. We live together, work together, love together and journey through a life we have been called to, together. We celebrate, because five years ago today, we promised to spend our lives being together. So I think it only fitting that we spend this day documenting that wonderful commitment for two people who will share in our celebration. Of life. Of love. Of simply being together.

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Travis W - Love u guys!!!!!

Angela Knoll - Happy Anniversary to two special people who get to re-live their joyous day through making the most of new couple’s big day! Congratulations!

Matt Reed - Must admit we miss the Hogan’s. Congrats on half a decade.

Jennifer Hutton - Happy Anniversary guys! May God continue to bless your union, and may your light (as a couple) continue to be a testimony to all of us around you!! Love you both:)

Grandma - I love this picture. Yes, you two were meant for each other!
You are so good with expressing yourself in words & I know you have a wonderful marriage of togetherness. May you be blessed with many more years. Love you both, Grandma

Kristine Neeley - Happy anniversary, you two! I’ll be photographing a wedding on our 5th anniversary this year, as well :) Love this shot of you two.

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