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A Spirited, Fresh, Timeless Life ◦ April Moments & May Goals

A peek into our world in April via Instagram. And yes, apparently all I choose to document of our lives is where my feet are…in nature. Are you on Instagram? You can follow me, username: KristynHogan

And a new little something for my 2012 that stemmed from this post, about living a purposeful life. I’ve committed to writing down my goals for the whole year and then breaking them down into, hopefully, manageable monthly goals. I’m a dreamer. I love to look at the big picture. To dream the really big dreams. So this year, along with those big dreams, I think I need to start writing down how I hope to accomplish them. One small step at a time. So here it goes.


Read the bible every morning

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Burst training 3 times a week (maxT3!)

Go on a nature walk once a week (a goal I might try to overachieve on, considering my Instagram feed!)

Finish reading 1 novel (on my way to reading 12 books a year!)

Work on buying our land (an onnnnngoing goal!)

Have a game night with friends

Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!

Research & start recycling (help!)

Get a massage! (yes, somehow this has to be a goal or it will get pushed onto to-do lists until 2015)


So if you see me this month, ask me how I’m doing with my goals, accountability friends! And I might just ask you how you are doing with yours…

Kristyn - Thanks Melanie, you made that goal easy to accomplish! :)

Melanie - Great list! For recycling check out we just signed up for curbside service. They serve Mboro too. We’ll keep sending out the new land vibes for you guys too! Would love to have you guys closer… means game nights. ;)

Stephanie Beckman - A dream is a wish your heart makes………….dream big Cinderella! I love you :)

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