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San Diego Engagement Session ◦ AUBREY & MICHAEL

LaJolla_SanDiego_01Living in landlocked Nashville, it was extra fun to photograph Aubrey & Michael’s engagement session in the beautiful light and breathtaking ocean views of La Jolla, California. They are getting married in Del Mar in just a few short weeks and we can’t wait!

Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

Nashville Wedding Photography ◦ KATHRYN & JONATHAN

Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_01We first met Jonathan and his family when we had the honor of photographing his sister Rachel’s wedding almost 3 years ago. So we were so excited when we got the call from Kathryn that she and Jonathan were getting married! These two and their entire family are simply put, amazing people. They are kind, generous, faith-filled and so loving to each other and all those around them. The entire day was a testament to that immense love and we were so honored to document their sweet, sweet day! Enjoy this sneak peek of their celebration here and on our Facebook Page.
Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_02Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_03Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_04Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_05Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_06Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_07Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_08Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_09Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_10Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_11Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_12Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_13Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_14Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_15Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_16Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_17Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_18Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_19Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_20Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_21Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_22Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_23Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_24Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_25Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_26Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_27Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_28Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_29Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_30Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_31Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_32Nashville_Wedding_Hillwood_Christ_the_King_Bridge_Building_33Congratulations, Kathryn & Jonathan!!
And special thanks to these wonderful people…

WEDDING PLANNER | Angela Proffitt
CEREMONY | Christ the King
RECEPTION | Hillwood Country Club
REHEARSAL DINNER | The Bridge Building
CEREMONY FLORIST | Knestrick by Design
BRIDE’S DRESS | The Bride Room
GROOM’S ATTIRE | Street Tuxedo
BRIDAL ATTENDANT | Karen Hendrix Couture
VIDEOGRAPHER | Zane Karl Studios
LIGHTING | Nashville Event Lighting
MAKE-UP | Katie Russo
CAKE | Jay Qualls
MUSIC | Number One Party Band
RENTALS | Nuage Designs, Visual Elements, Quest Drape, Music City Tents & Events
TRANSPORTATION | Matchless Transportation

Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

Nashville Wedding Photography ◦ DELSIE & ZACK

Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_01We woke up the morning of Delsie & Zack’s wedding, so excited to photograph the wedding of two people we’ve only known for a few months but who already feel like such great friends. Delsie & Zack are so funny, so kind and so full of life, which made them instantly endearing to us, but what I know most about Delsie & Zack is that they intensely love each other. Witnessing their wedding ceremony, I have no doubt that they will spend their lives in each other’s arms and that when someone looks at their bride walking down the aisle the way Zack looked at Delsie, it’s more than just an ordinary love. So I’m honored to share this sneak peek of their sweet day. Oh, and there is more on our Facebook Page!
Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_02Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_03Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_04Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_05Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_06Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_07Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_08Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_09Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_10Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_11Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_12Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_13Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_14Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_15Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_16Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_17Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_18Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_19Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_20Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_21Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_22Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_23Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_24Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_25Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_26Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_27Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_28Kristyn_Hogan_Nashville_Winter_Wedding_29Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

Nashville Engagement Party ◦ CALLIE & SINCLAIR

Nashville-Engagement-Party-01Callie & Sinclair rung in the Holidays with their absolutely beautiful engagement party this past weekend and I wanted to share a few quick sneak peek before we go on Holiday ourselves! Lots more loveliness to share from this stunning evening soon; complete with a choir singing Christmas carols, amazing food and lots of laughs!
Nashville-Engagement-Party-02Nashville-Engagement-Party-03Nashville-Engagement-Party-04Nashville-Engagement-Party-05Nashville-Engagement-Party-06PARTY PLANNER & STYLING | The Social Office
PHOTOGRAPHY | Kristyn Hogan
CATERING | Kristen Winston
DESSERTS | Dessert Designs by Leland, Ivey Cakes
FLORIST | The Tulip Tree
LIGHTING | Bright Event Productions
RENTALS | Classic Party Rentals, Visual Elements, BBJ Linen, 12th Table
TENT | Nashville Tent & Awning
CHOIR | Odessa Settles Choir
MUSIC | Sam Levine

Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

Nashville Cheekwood Engagement Session ◦ KATHRYN & JONATHAN

Nashville_Cheekwood_Engagement_Session_McNabb_01We first met Jonathan (and his amazing family!) when we photographed his sweet sister Rachel’s wedding 2 years ago, so we were absolutely thrilled when Kathryn called to say that she & Jonathan were engaged! Kathryn & I instantly felt like long lost friends over the phone and Matt & I are so excited to be photographing their wedding in February! Enjoy this sneak peek of our afternoon at Cheekwood here and on our Facebook page.

Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the spirited, fresh, timeless story of weddings in Nashville and destinations worldwide.