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Nashville Senior Photography ◦ JOHNATHAN ◦ CLASS OF 2011

Meet my littlest not-so-little brother, Johnathan :) I have 3 siblings and he’s always been the baby. When we were kids we would joke that we were each the “boss” of the kid younger than us but since there was no one younger, Johnathan got to be the boss of the dog :) I can’t believe he’s already a senior in high school. I’ve photographed all my siblings as seniors in high school; Michael last year and Alyssa was the year before. They’ve all grown up! I guess the dogs will have to be next year :) Nashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the beauty, the life and the story of weddings and people in Nashville, Iowa and destinations worldwide.

Jennifer Hamilton - These are just adorable!! Boy do you guys look alike!! I have 3 siblings too so I can relate to the whole “boss” thing. :)

jea - Those pictures are amazing – such a good looking guy!

Alyssa - hahaha, its so weird to see him wear clothes that don’t consist of red & black or have nike/under armour written all over them.

Tami - Aww these are so great! Yall look so much alike :) So sweet!!!!!!!

Kelsey Bufkin - very nice! it was so fun to see all their senior pics…amazing how much you all look alike!

Jen Creed - So fun! And I lol’d at “boss of the dog” haha. My brother is a freshman in college…so crazy how time flies!

Stephanie Beckman - Love Love Love them Kristyn!! He’s such a little charmer :) Amazing job big sister……as always. Love you so much!! Mwah!

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