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Nashville Engagement Session ◦ Arrington Vineyards ◦ EMMA & RYAN

undefinedWhat a great afternoon we had with Emma & Ryan. They came to Nashville for some wedding planning and we got to spend the afternoon hanging out at Arrington Vineyards, getting to know them and seeing how much they love and care for each other. And then Matt & I were completely blown away when we finished up the session and were invited to enjoy some wine and cheese with their families. And not just any families; Ryan and Emma have such an amazing group of people who love them and came from across the country to spend the weekend together.

Ryan recently returned from deployments overseas and is stationed in Savannah with the Army while Emma is in school in Atlanta and spending time with their families made it very clear what kind of people Emma & Ryan are. We felt so blessed to be invited to get to know them, to laugh together and to see how truly excited they all are for these two to get married. That evening reminded us of why we do what we do. Why we are documenting life’s journeys. Why we are preserving memories. Why we are capturing what love and family mean to two people and all the people they touch with their lives.

These photos are a peek of what that love looks like for Ryan & Emma.

undefinedThese two met at Notre Dame and Ryan has been serving our country ever since. They know what sacrifice means and how to love despite the distance.undefinedundefinedundefinedAnd how cool are they? Ray-Ban ad.undefinedIf I could tell you how much I love these shots of them, I would. But there are no words :)undefinedEmma, you are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see you as a bride!undefinedundefinedI just love the feel of this shot. The movement, the joy. Absolutely can’t wait for their wedding this fall!undefinedNashville wedding photographer, Kristyn Hogan, documents the beauty, the life and the story of weddings and people in Nashville and destinations worldwide.

Tom - Found your site while searching for Arrington Vineyards. My wife had just posted a short review of our trip there as well.

I just had to say that I loved your pictures. We need to work on our pics for our blog, and I was blown away by your work.

I won’t type my web site here, but if you wish to reply with our link that would be cool. I just didn’t want to spam your blog.

Machi - Laura, Thanks for sharing the pictures…..They are Gorgeous!!!!! Love to see Emma and Ryan SO HAPPY and SO IN LOVE….GOD BLESS THEM ALWAYS…..

Stephanie - You have given this couple a very special gift with these pictures. Just beautiful.

Laura Czarka - I knew before even seeing these pictures that that day was BLESSED! What can I say? Thank you is not enough…but you & Matt know that we truly do feel you are a gift from God! Love Love Love the pictures…we will treasure them! It is a beautiful thing when someone is given a talent and a gift and they use it in such a remarkable way. Emma & Ryan’s pictures capture so much…their love, joy & happiness…but also the beauty of the sacrifice. Amazing….We enjoyed our time with you BOTH and look forward to October!

Amber - Love these! And where did she get her boots?? Love them too!

Jon Bufkin - The one of her peering over him on the ground is EPIC!

Melissa Mosteller - WOW! You’re right. There are no words! SO beautiful! An amazing couple indeed! Emma & Ryan…you look incredible!

Thanks for sharing the photos. They are spectacular!

Cassandra - I’ve never been to Arrington Vineyard but, now I really want to go! It is beautiful out there! You did an amazing job with these two! Such a beautiful couple!

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