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A Look Into My Story

A little bit of my story and why I do what I do…

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards the sheer talent that is FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings for telling our story. They are true creatives, true story tellers and most importantly, true friends.

hillary - So wonderful. So heartfelt. I love this. I love you <3

Tami Polak - I. LOVE. This. :) SO sweet! You are always so lovely.

Leigh - Kristyn, this is wonderful!! :) What an incredible business woman, photographer and friend you are. This video captures so much :) And major bravo to FocalPoint!!

sharon hogan - LOVE IT:)

Kelly Stack - oh my goodness!!!! so lovely!!!!!!

Katie Bond - Kristyn, this is lovely. Such a perfect way to capture your passion. I’m using it as an example for our authors, talking about other love for storytelling. Let me know how you’re liking Coble’s book when you get a chance :)

the bride room - amazing, wonderful, fabulous. so blessed to work with you. . .xoxo

Stephanie Beckman - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :) I cry when I watch it because we are so very proud of you and of course we miss you and Matt like crazy! I’m glad that you shared it so quickly so that now I can share it with everyone! I was waiting….ever so patiently :) You have such a gift and talent beyond words. God has blessed you and He has blessed us with you. Of course the video woudn’t be complete without a taste of Matt’s infamous laugh. So awesome. Props to Jon & Kelsey for producing an amazing video! Love you Matt & Kristyn!!

Laura Czarka - O.K. THAT brought tears to my eyes! And confirmed, yet again, why we are SO BLESSED to have you both for Emma & Ryan’s special day!

Matt - very sweet!

Cassandra Thon - Aww!! Love this! It’s perfect!

Michelle Stone - Awuh!! LOVE IT!!!!! And how cute are you two?!

Grandma Jeanie - It is so good to hear your voice and see you and Matt. I saw
a lot of pictures that you found in my collection of pictures. I loved the whole presentation. You are so talented.
Love you, Grandma Jeanie

Em Humphries - THAT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I teared up and everything =) Love you bunches!

Brooke Schultz Photography - So well done! Thanks for the inspiration!

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